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If it's time to re-discover yourself,

If it's time to re-discover yourself,

Why This Course?

Sometimes life’s priorities get imbalanced and you need to step outside to regroup, reassess and think about some changes.  Perhaps you are looking around and not really happy with what you see.  It’s not that you’re unhappy, it’s just that some things aren’t working for you anymore.  Maybe your circumstances have changed, maybe something within you has changed, whatever it is, you need to take some time for yourself to review things.


The IT'S MY TIME course is more like a recharge than ’another thing to do’.  Each week is a chance for you to explore the things that are really important, in such a wonderful environment for at least two hours, you can immerse in a haven of personal development and camaraderie.  You will laugh, you may cry but most importantly, you will take away with you an exciting sense of who you are and the kind of amazing you have to offer.


It is held in the evenings, mid-week, so it fits in without much interruption to work or home.  It’s rather like pressing the pause button in your life, and taking out a little ‘me time’ in the middle of the week to get some relaxing and creative nourishment for your self-esteem.

Course Outline

The IT'S MY TIME course consists of weekly two-hour sessions, held over five weeks.  Each of the five sessions has a different theme that builds on the previous session, to give a sense of direction and purpose to what you learn.  It is also designed to encourage you to transform and adapt what you learn to make it your own - so you can apply things in the ways that work best for you.


  • It’s not life coaching, although it has many of the benefits!
  • It’s two hours a week totally devoted to your self development.
  • It’s not religious, although your beliefs are totally respected, and you may experience an essence of spirituality.


It’s also facilitated in such a way that sessions are tailored to suit your needs, as well as those of the group. The theme is always as described however the actual content covered in each session may vary because it's adapted to suit the group.  This means that no two courses are ever quite the same.


Click on the tabs below for more information about each session’s theme and what you can expect to take away from it.

Course Dates

Sessions are held on Tuesday evenings, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Please arrive by 6:45pm.


Total cost for all five sessions, including materials is just $275 per person.


We accept payment via PayPal or Credit Cards, use the BOOK NOW button below to reserve your place.


The course will be held at Hawkins Hall, 2 Sefton Road, THORNLEIGH, NSW 2120 (corner of Sefton & Lockerbie Roads)

Sessions are held on Tuesday evenings, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Please arrive by 6:45pm.

Laura Hesketh has been a facilitator and training specialist in the corporate sector, public sector and community services for over 12 years, and has contributed toward the personal and professional development of thousands of people.  Programs she has designed have been delivered across some of the most well known brands both within Australia and internationally.

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